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Stone Hotel Kitchen Project in Maldives

Project Project Name - Stone Hotel Kitchen Project in Maldives

Project City - Stone Hotel, Asseyri, Dhiffushi,Maldives

ProjectProject Overview

We provided a comprehensive kitchen equipment solution for the Stone Hotel Maldives resort project. Within the client's limited budget, we successfully established the specific floor and area equipment requirements, including the lobby bar, receiving area, mezzanine main kitchen, and buffet area. We supplied a variety of kitchen equipment, including stoves, refrigerators, custom stainless steel products, baking equipment, dishwashing equipment, and buffet products, to meet their unique needs.

Grounded in the rationalization and professionalization standards of commercial kitchens, we carefully designed the workflow for each area, ensuring seamless integration from receiving to storage, processing, cooking, washing, storage, and meal preparation. We collaborated closely with the client to ensure the efficient utilization of equipment and space, dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution.

This project marks our successful collaboration with the Stone Hotel Maldives resort. We are proud to have tailored high-quality kitchen equipment solutions for them, demonstrating our deep understanding of their needs and our expertise in the field of kitchen equipment. We look forward to providing excellent service and solutions to more clients in the future.

Resort View

Resort View

ProjectAfter-sales service & Site Visit

Our team conducted on-site maintenance and regular cleaning and servicing. In May 2024, we performed equipment maintenance work at Stone Hotel.

main kitchen

main kitchen

project site

project site

Beach Club

Baking Area

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