Project Name

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort


North Male Atoll, Male


Around $600000

Project Profile

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort Hotel is located on North Male Atoll, Male, Maldives.It represents the flagship debut of the award-winning Hilton Hotels Group and unveiling on July 1st, 2022.

The hotel surrounded by white sand and turquoise water, each beach and water villa has a private pool and is just a 20-minute boat ride from Male' airport. 24 hours open.

The hotel features a spa, six restaurants and lounges, and also offers recreational facilities for children.Here you can relax and enjoy exploring the specialties and enjoying the various water sports and activities.

Project Analysis and Communication

The concept of the resort took 5 years to create.Our INEO Team was responsible for the supply of kitchen equipment for 8 areas of the whole resort.

We have been actively communicating and following up the project, providing the kitchen design drawings of each area for the guests seriously and responsibly, holding video conferences with the resort, engineering party and design party for many times, providing professional project suggestions to the resort based on our wealth experience.

After many times of communication and improvement of the plan, we finally confirmed the implementation of all kitchen equipment procurement plan. From July 2021, we actively arranged the batch transportation of equipment, and all the equipment was successfully delivered to the hotel at the end of the year.

Project Design Scheme

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

We have designed the kitchen for 8 areas: Tea Lounge, Add Kitchen, Staff Kitchen, Pool Kitchen, Pool Bar, Crack Shack, Specialty Kitchen, Mixology Room.

Here is the concept of the design:

1. The overall design we have considered the purchasing cycle & supply, we have designed a reasonable and sufficient storage space.

2. We will choose the most suitable equipment that match the style of hotel.

3. We have considered that the exposed edges and corners may bring the hazards of safety for the chef staff.With this in mind, we organize the length, width, and height of all equipment to a level that is consistent with artificial mechanics.It protects the chef staff, and it’s practical with ornamental.

4. Because of the consideration of to the working fluency of chef staff and rapid meal delivery,we choose the equipment that are suitable for different area and meet all the requirements of the chefs and their customers.


1. The equipment we supplied are perfect match with the bar counter,buffet table that made by on-site construction unit.

2. We join the design of the first-ever Cocktail Lab in the Maldives.We provide the design idea and the equipment for it.

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

We spent a lot of effort and time on this project, consulted at the beginning, provided the design and suggestions,modified the design drawing for many times,and the equipment selection, transportation, installation, we always do consider for the customer, design and provide the most suitable products for the customer.

As the Maldives is an island country and the procurement is not convenient, we provide one-stop procurement and on-site installation services.

Throughout the process, we strive to achieve the standard of "Profession, Efficiency, Exceeding Expectations" and provide continuous good service to our customers, so they are appreciate our team's seriousness, hard working and professionalism, and express their renewed gratitude for our efforts.

We will continue to work well with Hilton Group n the days ahead. And INEO team will creat more quality and excellent on commercial kitchen projects around the world.

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Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort

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