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AlK Hospital Project in Iraq

Project Project Name - AlK Hospital Project in Iraq

Project City - Baghdad,Iraq

ProjectProject Overview

In early 2022, we had our first contact with the Al Karma Hospital project in Iraq, which comprises 100 patient rooms. We were tasked with designing the kitchen and laundry room equipment based on the standard product list provided by the client. During the initial design phase, we focused on meeting the project's specific requirements for the kitchen and laundry room areas, even at the construction stage.

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ProjectProject Details

In terms of pricing, while the client was satisfied with the product advantages, they expressed concerns about the cost. Subsequently, we opted for high-quality and durable commercial equipment for the laundry room and kitchen to meet their expectations.

To ensure seamless coordination with the project, our company placed significant importance on holding dedicated production meetings and communicating the specific requirements, production details, and client requests across various departments. This dual confirmation approach ensured a thorough understanding and implementation of the project's intricacies.

Regarding shipping, the client urgently required delivery before October, but due to foreign exchange controls in Iraq, we had to develop various contingency plans to address logistical challenges in order to meet the client's needs. Furthermore, the transportation aspect was complicated by the prevailing war situation and diverted shipping routes, resulting in longer transit times. We had to patiently explain and seek the client's understanding to successfully conclude the project.

ProjectFeedback from our clients

AlK Hospital Project in Iraq
AlK Hospital Project in Iraq

ProjectProject Summary

From the initial confirmation to the final order, this project demanded meticulous attention and patience. Confirming equipment details and custom requirements played a crucial role in the successful installation and trial operation of the kitchen and laundry room. Our commitment to service and follow-up was well-received by the client, resulting in high praise for our efforts and approach.

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