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Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort in Bangladesh

Project Project Name - Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort in Bangladesh

Project City - Boroshala, Khadimnagar Union Parishad, Airport Road, Sylhet,Bangladesh

ProjectProject Overview

We made two on-site visits to Sylhet, one during the initial construction phase and another when the project framework was in place. Our client expressed the desire to determine specific floors and areas within a reasonable budget, including the lobby bar, receiving area, mezzanine main kitchen, and buffet area on the ground floor, as well as the banquet kitchen on the first floor, staff kitchen, and laundry area on the second floor, and finally the buffet and pool bar area on the ninth floor. Kitchen equipment such as stoves, refrigerators, custom stainless steel products, baking equipment, dishwashing equipment, and buffet products were involved. In our design approach, we ensured a rational and professional standard commercial kitchen layout, emphasizing the precise flow for receiving, storage, processing, cooking, washing, storage, and preparation that align with the requirements of different floors and areas.

The success of a hotel engineering project heavily relies on the effective long-term communication and coordination between on-site contractors and suppliers. The reasonableness of the design also requires on-site support. We proactively communicated and addressed potential concerns with the client, effectively showcasing our professionalism. This collaboration not only strengthened our partnership with the client but also laid a solid foundation for future engagements.Throughout the process, we encountered various challenges, including unforeseen layout adjustments and the need for customized equipment modifications. However, by maintaining open lines of communication and a solutions-oriented approach, we were able to navigate through these obstacles and deliver a kitchen solution that met and exceeded our client's expectations.

This project serves as a testament to the value of proactive collaboration, technical expertise, and a customer-focused approach, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue providing exceptional service and solutions to our clients.The successful collaboration on this hotel project has been truly inspiring for us.

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The Banquet Hall

All-day Dining

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