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Diaco Palace Kitchen Project in Iran

Project Project Name - Diaco Palace Kitchen Project in Iran

Project City - Kish,Hormozgan Province,Iran

ProjectProject Overview

Diaco Palace is a well-known hotel in Iran, and they required kitchen design and equipment supply services, seeking a comprehensive solution from us. This project was divided into two phases, encompassing several distinctive hotel restaurants such as Persian cuisine, traditional Iranian tea rooms, and wall-paper themed diners. The second phase also included a banquet hall capable of catering for over 500 people, covering an area of 1300 square meters. Additionally, it would regularly host small banquet events, parties, and on-site event planning and catering services.

During the initial communication, we discovered that Diaco Palace had specific requirements for the hotel's catering equipment and design. In order to better meet their needs, we arranged a video call to allow them to virtually tour our product showroom and showcase our equipment and tailored design solutions for different restaurant types. This communication approach successfully impressed the client and ultimately solidified our partnership.

The client got to know us at an exhibition and later visited China to inspect our capabilities. Eventually, they made the decision to work with us. We provided them with a one-stop kitchen design and equipment procurement service, ensuring the smooth opening of their hotel. Upon purchasing a range of equipment including stoves, steamers, and refrigeration units, the client's team expressed deep gratitude towards us. This collaboration not only earned us the trust and recognition of the client, but also strengthened our anticipation for future cooperation.

ProjectKitchen Design Drawings

Diaco Palace Kitchen Project in Iran

ProjectProject Details

Diaco Palace Kitchen Project in Iran

ProjectProject Conclusion

After much dedication and effort, we successfully secured the kitchen project. Moreover, we are truly grateful that the client ultimately chose to work with us. Over the years, we have consistently maintained regular follow-ups with clients and provided meticulous after-sales service for the equipment.

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