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J2 Restaurant in Thailand (Ongoing Project)

Project Project Name - J2 Restaurant in Thailand (Ongoing Project)

Project City - Pattaya, Thailand

ProjectProject Overview

The client had previously engaged with our company for the design of a commercial kitchen project situated in Pattaya, Thailand, catering to a 100-seat Thai restaurant. Their satisfaction with the quality of equipment provided during our initial collaboration was evident, with commendations for our exceptional service. Presently, due to their business expansion, they are planning to establish a second restaurant. The layout of this new establishment boasts a distinct design, featuring a modern and comfortable dining area along with a meticulously planned kitchen space.

In selecting a supplier for the new project, the client immediately thought of us as a Chinese equipment engineering firm, demonstrating full trust in our repeat collaboration by once again choosing INEO.We have supplied this new restaurant with a comprehensive range of equipment, encompassing baking tools, snack appliances, bar equipment, storage units, coldrooms. This renewed partnership not only continues our collaboration but also underscores our professional prowess and reputation in the culinary equipment industry.

J2 Restaurant in Thailand (Ongoing Project)

The restaurant overview

ProjectKitchen Solution

In close coordination with the client, we tailored the kitchen design to meet the specific needs of the establishment, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics. The back kitchen is equipped with a series of commercial kitchen equipment.

Bar Equipment:

Baking Equipment:

Our project coordinator arrived in Thailand on May 8, 2024, and conducted on-site measurements and follow-ups for the project. The client feedback regarding our company's after-sales service was positive and acknowledged.The aim is for the restaurant to open smoothly as planned, and we look forward to receiving feedback from this project.

ProjectProject Overview

The custom products and equipment ordered by the client are currently in various stages of production, with some already scheduled for shipment and others in the process of customs clearance. This process underscores our commitment to quality assurance and timely delivery.

J2 Restaurant in Thailand (Ongoing Project)

We guarantee that every product undergoes 100% quality inspection before being shipped.

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