Asiatico Pub Project In Myanmar

Project Name

Asiatico Pub Project In Myanmar


Nyaungshwe Myanmar


Around $29000

Project Profile

Asiatico Pub is Myanmar's premier Asian pub experience. Offering authentic thin-crust pizzas, an exciting Asian-fusion menu, draught beers and cocktails.Asiatico Pub are pleased to share festive season menu and it will bring your friends and families a lot of great time.

Project Analysis and Communication

Asiatico Pub opened is the now most iconic pub in the state, the biggest in Myanmar, wearing a fierce Tiger head as a logo, was born of a concept previously developed by Asiatico Group in Thailand. Boasting a long bar, pool tables, a mezzanine, BBQ grill, and its popular rooftop, the pub is the ideal place with a large flexible space and plenty of dining and event options, and can satisfy a wide array of clients eager to meet and celebrate.

The client said that he did not set out the layout of the bar, but he had his own unique understanding and requirements for the bar. This was because prior to Myanmar, he had already run a successful bar in Bangkok, Thailand and was well known in the area. This became a point where we needed to work together with him to communicate, with the client taking the lead and us assisting in making his understanding and requirements a reality when the client had his own tastes.

After clarifying the various needs of the client, such as: customer flow, customer base, service style, dishes offered, etc. We worked together with him to build a preliminary proposal. It took us almost two months to develop this proposal and we had five meetings with the client's architectural representatives and designers. During this time, the main topic of discussion was the selection of equipment for each area. The question of which equipment would best suit the client's requirements was one that we needed to resolve with the architectural representatives and designers.

At the end of the selection session, the client's representative came to our company to inspect the products and our capabilities. Before his visit, we had already done a thorough investigation and based on his preferences and habits. We arranged his daily itinerary and diet. After spending a pleasant three days, he said to us on his way out, "Your company has left a deep impression on me and I will report to him truthfully."

Project Design Scheme

Here are one of the designs layout we made with customer.

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

The owner has indicated that in the future the bar will offer Italian, Bar, Pizza, European, Asian, Pub, Fusion and other types of cuisine. We have therefore included the equipment required for these dishes in the Layout based on the client's requirements, and have had several telephone conferences with the client to discuss the details of the equipment. We solved the problems one by one and created solutions together.

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

Since our customer has special urgent requirements on the delivery date of the project, we do our best to cooperate with them. Our team offer a one-stop shopping and on-site installation service. Coordination between technicians and the customer begins as soon as the goods leave the port.In the end, the project was completed on schedule and opened with perfect ceremony, which made a huge impact in the local area.

The customer's evaluation to us is also very high, also obtained the professional praise.INEO is a supplier of commercial kitchen equipment with excellent design solutions for hotel and restaurant from China. For people around the world who need kitchen design to fulfill their dreams, INEO becomes the best choice.

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