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helpAre you a factory?

how_to_regYes, INEO is a manufacturer with nearly ten thousand square meters factory and one-stop service company integrating production, design and sales.

helpCan you provide a design solutions?

how_to_regYes, we can provide free design solutions for various catering projects, such as hotel kitchen, restaurant, bakery, bar, etc. Please provide us planning area of your project.

helpHow can I get a quick quote?

how_to_regPlease tell us the product list, seating number of the restaurant, the area of the kitchen and the menu.

helpHow long is the warranty period?

how_to_regOne year warranty. If there is any problem with the goods during the warranty period, please provide relevant evidence. We will send you relevant spare parts.

helpWhat is the packing of the goods?

how_to_regNormally packing is carton/wooden frame or wood case. If there are other requirements, please advise.

helpHow long is the delivery time?

how_to_regGenerally 7~15 days, actual situation depend on products items and quantity.

helpCan you provide customized product?

how_to_regSome products can be customized, please inform us of your demand.

helpIf the machine doesn't or I don't know how to operate?

how_to_regWe will provide product's instructions in advance.Besides, our professional technicians who can answer your questions and provide operation video if necessary.

helpWhether the product is English panel and manual?

how_to_regYes, we will offer English version products normally.

helpVoltage and plug of the product?

how_to_regOur company offer conventional plug and voltage, please advise us your demand when you ordering.

helpIf I can not do the installation by myself, can you help us?

how_to_regYes, we can. We have professional team to do the installation and debugging.

helpPayment term?

how_to_reg30% deposit before production, 70% deposit before delivery.

helpHow can I pay you ?

how_to_regWe can accept all kinds of payment methods:

1. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): for big amount, low banking fee, and short time, usually 2~3 days.

2. L/C (Letter of Credit): we usually accept irrevocable L/C at sight or 30 days, 60 days. This is also for big amount but with high banking fee, high for buyer and seller.

3. Western Union / Moneygram: Usually for small amount or urgent payment, its real-time arrivals of account, reasonable transferring fee makes it very flexible, and you can go to the western union/ moneygram agent to transact in your country. For detail please visit: http://www.westernunion.com and https://www.moneygram.com

4. Paypal: Paypal is a popular online payment method, if you have Paypal account, it is suitable for small amount within USD$2000, otherwise, the transferring fee is quite high. For details visit http://www.paypal.com