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Central Kitchen Project in Jeddah

Project Project Name - Central Kitchen Project in Jeddah

Project City - Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

ProjectProject Overview

In our recent involvement with the Central Kitchen project, we took on the role of kitchen design and equipment supplier. This project aimed to meet the meal preparation needs for a local catering company serving over 1000 people.

In Saudi Arabia, catering services typically involve providing traditional dishes that are beloved by the local population, such as Arabian grilled meats, flavorful lamb dishes, and various types of bread. For this specific client, we tailored our menu designs to ensure they aligned with the tastes and preferences of the Saudi demographic.

During our discussions with the client, we learned about their strict requirements for kitchen equipment and design, especially in terms of ingredient storage and smoke extraction systems. To instill confidence in our products and manufacturing processes, the client visited our factory in China to conduct inspections. They also had custom specifications for different types of storage shelves for ingredients and emphasized the need for an enhanced smoke extraction system.

Central Kitchen Project in Jeddah

ProjectProject Conclusion

After much dedication and effort, we successfully secured the order. This catering company has become a significant partner for us in the Saudi market, and we take pride in providing them with professional equipment and tailored design solutions. Our relentless dedication and commitment to excellence have resulted in a long-term partnership with the client.Moreover, we offer a range of kitchen equipment sourced from China, with a guarantee of high quality. We are confident that our imported kitchen equipment would meet and exceed expectations, ensuring the smooth operations and success of our clients' culinary endeavors.

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