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Commercial Kitchen Project in Kuwait(Ongoing Project)

Project Project Name - Commercial Kitchen Project in Kuwait(Ongoing Project)

Project City - Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

ProjectProject Overview

We have recently secured a restaurant project collaboration with a client from Kuwait. The client eagerly requested our design team to visit the site in Kuwait for assessment and design work. Accompanied by the client, we delved into the project site and restaurant during the day, utilizing each evening to discuss solutions tailored to meet the client's customized requirements, ultimately gaining high praise and approval.

The restaurant is located inside the shopping mall

The rendering of the restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Project in Kuwait(Ongoing Project)

Project manager Lawrence and Chief Designer Bing have arrived at Kuwait for the kitchen project

Vlog of this trip

ProjectTaste Local Cuisine

The client has also arranged for us to stay at the local five-star hotel - Kuwait Regency Hotel.After work each day, the client also accompanied us to sample local cuisine, which was indeed a refreshing experience for our Chinese taste buds!

Commercial Kitchen Project in Kuwait(Ongoing Project)
Commercial Kitchen Project in Kuwait(Ongoing Project)

ProjectKitchen Project Design

In Kuwait, the client has been operating a restaurant for nearly 30 years. Their previous kitchen was small, and now they need to expand it. With a focus on budget control, they evaluated over 10 suppliers from China. We closely followed up and proactively scheduled video conferences with the client between 10:00 PM and 11:30 PM as per their availability. Out of the numerous Chinese suppliers, the client only chose two, with us being their top choice and the only one invited to visit their site.

Together with the client, we inspected the project site and restaurant, engaging in multiple evenings of discussions to tailor solutions to meet their personalized requirements. The client was highly satisfied. On the first day, we visited the client's restaurant to understand their needs, promptly designing that same evening. The next day, the client reviewed the designs and proposed new ideas. We visited the kitchen to gain insights into their cuisine, cooking methods, and unique workflow requirements, continuing the design work in the evenings. This process continued daily.After a week of extensive discussions, we finalized all the detailed plans. We look forward to the smooth opening of the client's restaurant, and we are incredibly excited to kick off this colorful chapter of our collaboration!

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