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Commercial Toast Shaper YBK-HF168

Commercial Toast Shaper YBK-HF168

task_altModel: YBK-HF168





task_altNet Weight:190kg

task_altPressure Roller Size:88*385mm

task_altRoller Speed:89/102rpm


task_altToast shaping machine is a kind of machine that rolls the dough, and then fully exhausts the air from the rolled dough. It has a certain stretchability and good moisturizing effect.

task_altIt can shape all kinds of rectangular breads. It is a professional equipment for cake shops and bread processing factories.

task_altIt is suitable for the degassing and shaping of hot dogs, French sticks, toast and other breads, so that the dough is shaped like a roll.

Standard Features

task_altHigh-quality chain network, food-grade materials are used for machine contact with food.

task_altEfficient production, according to the requirements of different breads, the thickness and number of turns of the dough can be adjusted.

task_altAfter shaping, just put it into the toast box and then enter the fermentation tank to ferment.

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