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100L Bakery Water Chiller YBK-S135

100L Bakery Water Chiller YBK-S135

task_altModel: YBK-S135

task_altChilling time:80min(+3℃ ) 60min(+5℃)



task_altN.W/G.W (KG):145/180

task_altMachine size (cm):70*70*164cm

task_altPacking size(cm):88*80*174cm

credit_cardPrice: $

Standard Features

task_altThe main engine adopts imported famous brand compressor, the system adopts high quality environmental protection refrigerant, energy saving, safety and pollution free, reliable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

task_altAdopt high-precision microcomputer control technology, precise temperature control, and have multiple protection such as high and low pressure, compressor overloading, water flow, etc., set flow protection switch. When the pump failure or water flow is too low, the flow switch will automatically protect the operation safety and high reliability.

task_altWith optional temperature control mode (temperature difference control and solid temperature control) and optional starting mode (local panel open/stop and remote on-line start and stop), reliable fault alarm and fault protection function, ensuring the safe working environment of the machine.

task_altThe stainless steel water tank evaporator prevents solid and other metal impurities from being produced during conveying of pure water

task_altStainless steel case, beautiful and generous, the appearance plate adopts quick disassembly and assembling form, easy to use and maintain.


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