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Universal Laundry Press Machine YLD-L068

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Model: YLD-L068

Material: Carbon steel

Voltage/Hertz: 220V/50HZ

Working Size: 1200x300mm

Motor Power: 0.8KW

Steam Pressure: 0.6MPA

Consumption of Steam: 15kg/h

Compress Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa

Compressed air consumption: 20L/min

Dimension(mm): 1350x1110x1400

Net Weight (KG): 320

Standard Features

The main body of the equipment is sprayed with carbon steel structure;

The equipment adopts compact design, reasonable product structure, small floor space and convenient use;

It simulates the structure of the mannequin, the large arc working surface of the die and the strong pressing tension. Die head support is offset type, convenient for clothes turning;

High-temperature cloth and high-temperature cotton are durable, beautiful, breathable, water-absorbent and elastic, ensuring ironing quality;

The laying method of the padding is reasonable. Even thick and thin clothes, even uniforms with copper buttons, will not damage the clothes and buttons and get satisfactory ironing quality;

The splint is formed by a mold and the surface arc and straightness errors are small and the ironing quality is good. The frame is basically formed at one time, with few welds, not easy to deform and smooth movement;

Good damping and shock absorption to ensure smooth movement. Installed on the outside of the rack, easy to install and maintain;


Can be ironed directly after dehydration;

The steam circuit design is simple and effective, heating up quickly and low heat loss Equipped with float trap, excellent steam saving effect;

The steam pressure structure is reasonable, the pressing and ironing is good and the ironing quality is guaranteed;

The movement and clamping are respectively completed by two cylinders, the movement is stable, the clamping force is easy to control and the ironing quality is guaranteed;

Pneumatic control, simple operation, low labor intensity;

Two-hand button operation, safe and reliable;

Using high-quality pneumatic components and reasonable air circuit design, full compressed air controls the pressing work, no external power supply is needed, stable, reliable and safe work;

Using high-quality pneumatic components, stable quality and long service life;

Optional Features

Air compressor

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