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Multi-function ironing table YLD-L067

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Model: YLD-L067

Material: Carbon steel

Voltage/Hertz: 220V/50HZ

Work table: 1500x400

Water capacity: 18L

Evaporation: 3.8kg/h

Power: 0.4kw

Motor Power: 0.75kW

Pressure: 0.4mpa

Temperature: 220°C

Dimension(mm): 1700x600x1900mm

Net Weight (KG): 150 KG

Standard Features

Fuselage is sprayed with carbon steel structure; excellent structural design, sturdy and reliable equipment;

Ironing board is reinforced and supported by multiple high-quality stainless steel wires and is composed of selected soft sponges;

Ironing cloth is designed to be installed and taken, which is convenient for replacement and cleaning;

360°wide-angle rocker arm adopts a compact and flexible design, simple installation, firm and durable;

Classic bridge design, reasonable product structure, easy to use;

Iron trachea is equipped with guide pulleys to avoid trachea pulling and work more effectively

Adjustable iron bracket

Equipment comes with lighting

Comes with stain-removing back, leader back and stain-removing gun

Height of the table is adjustable.

With power cord, pay attention to reserve the plug board when installing;

Equipment reserves φ6mm compressed air interface;


Multifunctional workbench for ironing and stain removal;

Equipment is equipped with electrical switches and emergency stop switches, safe and reliable;

Adopt all-copper high-speed motor, multi-wing impeller, high wind power, good dehumidification effect;

Using powerful suction system, low noise, not easy to fatigue;

Device has a built-in steam generator with a water tank capacity of 18 liters; it can produce 3.8KG/H of steam;

Equipment is equipped with a decontamination spray gun, which sprays the decontamination table with powerful spray force, air or water vapor and quickly achieves the purpose of decontamination;

Decontamination system consists of a powerful vacuum dehumidification, booster pump and pressure-enhanced spray gun, which can effectively and efficiently remove stains;

Equipped with a negative pressure exhaust device, which can suck away various stains that have been removed and at the same time discharge local moisture or medicine from the clothes;

Optional Features

Air compressor


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