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Ironing Table with swing arm YLD-L065

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Model: YLD-L065

Material: Carbon steel spray

Voltage/Hertz: 220V/50HZ

Motor Power: 0.37KW

Dimension(mm): 1510*900*960

Packing Size (mm): 1590*990*1050

Net Weight (KG): 65KG

Gross Weight (KG): 75 KG

Standard Features

The fuselage is sprayed with carbon steel structure; excellent structural design, sturdy and reliable equipment;

Ironing board is reinforced and supported by multiple high-quality stainless steel wires and is composed of selected soft sponges;

Ironing cloth is designed to be installed and taken, which is convenient for replacement and cleaning;

360°wide-angle rocker arm adopts a compact and flexible design, simple installation, firm and durable;

Air outlet adopts a mesh design to effectively prevent debris from entering;

Arc-shaped rocker arm has a small area when rotating and is more practical;

It has an ironing board placement board, which is convenient and safe;

Equipped with wire iron bars, hanging iron wire, safe and orderly equipment;

With power cord, pay attention to reserve plug board during installation;


Equipment is suitable for ironing cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber and other fabric products;

Equipment is equipped with electric switch and emergency stop switch, safe and reliable

Using all-copper high-speed motor, multi-wing impeller, strong wind, good dehumidification effect

Adopt a powerful suction system, low noise, not easy to fatigue

Adopt the foot switch device to realize the conversion of the suction function of the ironing surface of the ironing table

Maximum tension of the equipment can reach 15KG/m2

Optional Features


Steam generator

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