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Single stick ironing machine (electric heating) YLD-L049-E

Single stick ironing machine (electric heating) YLD-L049-E

task_altModel: YLD-L049-E

task_altMaterial: Carbon steel spray + SS304 stainless steel

task_altVoltage/Hertz: 380V/50HZ

task_altMotor Power: 1.5KW

task_altConverter Power: 1.5KW

task_altElectric heating power: 27KW

task_altCapacity: 10m/min

task_altDimension(mm): 3550*1280*1300

task_altPacking Size (mm): 3640x1370x1370

task_altNet Weight (KG): 1900 KG

task_altGross Weight (KG): 2500 KG

credit_cardPrice: $

Standard Feature

task_altThe fuselage is sprayed with carbon steel structure; excellent structural design, sturdy and reliable equipment;

task_altThe φ800MM drum is made of SS304 stainless steel;

task_altThe cloth pressing shaft, the belt feeding shaft and the tension shaft are all made of 5mm thick high-quality seamless steel pipe;

task_altThe excellent ironing belt orientation design makes the area of ​​the ironed material contact the drum up to three-quarters, and the ironing efficiency is high;

task_altReasonable differential design between the cloth feed roller, ironing roller and large drum can effectively improve the ironing data;

task_altIt adopts gear transmission and stable transmission. Frequency conversion speed control transmission mode, speed adjustment is stable, soft, without impact, speed adjustment is flexible, and low noise. Equipped with feed anti-rolling safety baffle, which can effectively prevent accidents.

task_altThe transmission adopts gear and chain transmission, which is reliable, high precision and low noise

task_altThe equipment adopts 380V+N-3PH/50HZ or 220V+N-3PH/50HZ power supply


task_altlroning machine for bedsheets, quilts, tablecloth, towel, curtain, bath towel etc;

task_altThe equipment adopts single rod electric heating design;

task_alt27KW high-power electric heating design, the maximum working temperature of the equipment can reach 158/200℃;

task_altDirect heating drum, the effective ironing area is more than 75%, which improves the energy utilization rate, and the work efficiency can reach 10 meters per second.

task_altFrequency conversion speed adjustment, adjust the speed according to the fabric, moisture, electric heating efficiency, etc.;

task_altSimple control with Start/Stop button;

task_altThree-phase electrical system, overload protection, voltage and short circuit protection, emergency stop switch;

task_altThe fence and travel switch in the input part, reduce fatigue, misuse and the riskPressure roll with guiding ribbons, superior ironing quality, nomex ironing belts;

task_altSealed rotary joints, prevent leakage, safety and reliability, save energy.

Optional Features

task_altFeeding method

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