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Stain Remove Table YLD-L066

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Model: YLD-L066

Material: Carbon steel body + stainless steel operating table

Voltage/Hertz: 220V/50HZ

Work table: 200x800mm

Motor Power: 0.75kW/2Pkw

Compressed air pressure: 0.3-0.7MPA

Steam pressure: 0.15-0.5MPA

Dimension(mm): 1156x400x1730

Net Weight (KG): 56 KG

Standard Features

Body is sprayed with carbon steel structure;

Countertop is welded with high-quality stainless steel;

Classic bridge design, reasonable product structure, easy to use;

Spray gun fishing adopts hanging force balancer design, which saves time and effort;

Equipment is equipped with a stain removal operation arm, the area is about 1/4 of the stain removal operation table; it is mainly for stain treatment such as pants and sleeves;

Stain removal operation table consists of two parts, one is the inspection area for plexiglass stain removal and the other is the plastic mesh vacuum stain removal operation area.

Equipment comes with a stainless steel tray for placing stain treatment agents;

Equipment is equipped with a stainless steel clothes rack for placing textiles;

Equipment is reserved with φ6mm compressed air interface;

Equipment is reserved with 1 /2 inch steam interface;


Equipment is mainly used to remove those stubborn stains on clothes before washing. E.g. Lipstick, juice, blood, ink, soy sauce, coffee and milk stains

Spray gun sprays the decontamination table, air or water vapor with strong spray force to quickly achieve the purpose of decontamination;

Stain removal system is composed of powerful vacuum dehumidification, booster pump and enhanced cold gun pressure to remove stains powerfully and more efficiently;

Staining table is equipped with negative pressure exhaust, which can suck away all kinds of stains that have been removed and at the same time drain the local moisture or medicine from the clothes

There are also two spray guns on the scouring station, one is a combination of high-pressure air/water spray gun and the other is a combination of high-pressure air/steam spray gun;

Equipment is equipped with a large control panel, intuitive and atmospheric, clear at a glance and easier to operate

Equipment adopts a foot-operated control system to control steam, compressed air, vacuum and other functions separately

Optional Features

Air compressor

Steam generator

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