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Combi Oven 6 Trays YSE-CB-JJ011

Combi Oven Combi Oven 6 Trays YSE-CB-JJ011 Combi Oven Combi Oven 6 Trays YSE-CB-JJ011


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Model: YSE-CB-JJ011

Material: Stainless Steel

Power Supply: Electric

Power Requirements: 220V AC/50Hz/1PH

Capacity: 6*2/3GN

Capacity of Meals: 35-100

Shelf Distance(mm): 65

Heat Element(Kw): 4.8

Total Element(Kw): 4.85

Total Amps(A): 21

Rated Current of Air Circuit Breaker(A): 25

Menu Programming(set): Limitlessness

Unlimited Steps of Menu Programming(set): 15

Oven Internal Size(W*H mm): 395*350

Water Inlet(in): 3/4" to 1/2"

Drain Outlet(mm): 42

Intel Water Pressure(Kg/㎡): 0.2~0.5MPa

Working Temperature(℃): 30~290

Humility(Adjustable): 10-100%

Dimension(L*W*H mm): 770*635*615

Packing Size(L*W*H mm): 840*700*800

Net Weight(kg): 75

Gross Weight(kg): 90


The Combi Oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functionalities of a convection oven and a steam oven in a single unit. It offers precise control over temperature, humidity, and airflow, allowing for a wide range of cooking methods. With various cooking modes and programmable controls, it can bake, roast, grill, steam, and more. Combi Ovens are popular in professional kitchens and culinary establishments, as they provide consistent and efficient cooking results. They are ideal for cooking a variety of dishes, from bread and pastries to meats, vegetables, and seafood, making them a valuable tool for chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

Standard Features

Android intelligent touch screen control system equipped with WIFI, Bluetooth and USB data interface.

Intelligent layered cooking control that automatically compensates for each layer of time, temperature, humidity.

World-class accurate temperature control, temperature difference ±1℃ (degree Celsius) control.

Intelligent frequency conversion control: complete fan start-up and stop switching in 2 seconds.

Temperature range: baking 30≤290℃, steaming 30≤120℃, steaming and baking mixed 30≤250℃.

With 3 seconds of fast direct steam, no boiler, no need for scale removal, low fault, low energy consumption and other unique strong steam function.

The inlet center temperature probe with 4 measuring points, can withstand 300℃.

It has three kinds of anutomatic cleaning mode can shuts down automatically after night cleaning.

There is no upper limit on the number of menus (memory 3G), each menu is divided into 50 steps.

Wind speed can be adjusted from 50% to 110%.

Steam (humidity) can be adjusted from 10% to 100%.

Temperature difference cooking, rapid moisture removal, automatic preheating, automatic heat preservation, rapid cooling, authority control, USB data access functions and so on.

Extra high pressure spray gun: open door water supply.

Operation flow acousto-optic prompt.

The following are the materials for the equipment: 304 stainless steel for the shell, 316 stainless steel for the inner box, and 840 stainless steel for the heating elements imported from Janpan.

The whole machine electrical accessories pure import, using the world famous brand, the apperance is designed by the French designer.


Oven Chamber: The oven chamber is where the cooking takes place. It is a well-insulated compartment designed to maintain and distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking process.

Heating Elements: Combi ovens have various heating elements, including convection heating elements and steam generators. The convection heating elements provide dry heat for baking, roasting, and grilling, while the steam generators produce and control the flow of steam for moist cooking methods.

Control Panel: The control panel houses the operational controls and settings of the combi oven. It allows the user to adjust cooking temperature, humidity levels, cooking modes, and other parameters. The control panel may include a digital display for monitoring the cooking process and programming recipes.

Water Inlet and Drain: Combi ovens have a water inlet and drain to supply and remove water for steam generation and cleaning purposes. The water inlet allows for adding water to the steam generator, while the drain facilitates the removal of excess water and steam condensation.

Probe or Temperature Sensor: Some combi ovens have built-in temperature probes or sensors that monitor the internal temperature of the food being cooked. These probes provide accurate temperature readings and can be used for precise cooking control and achieving desired doneness.

Cleaning System: Many combi ovens feature built-in cleaning systems, such as automatic cleaning programs or self-cleaning functions. These systems help to remove food residues, grease, and scale buildup, ensuring optimal hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Door and Glass Window: The oven door provides access to the cooking chamber and is typically insulated to prevent heat loss. Some combi ovens have a glass window in the door, allowing for visual inspection of the cooking process without opening the door.

Optional Features

The Combi Oven is optional with 6 decks, 10 decks and 20 decks.

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