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10 Trays Electric Combi Oven YSE-CB-JJ003



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Model: YSE-CB-JJ003

Material: stainless steel

Capacity: 20*1/1 GN

Capacity of meals: 150-250

Shelf distance: 70mm

Heat Element: 16KW

Rated current of air circuit breaker: 40A

Three-sections menu programming: 9set

Voltage/Hertz: 380V/50HZ

Inner size: 609*734mm

Power: 29.4KW

Working temperature: 30~290℃

Dimension(mm): 1100*920*1100mm

Packing Size (mm): 1400*1145*1390mm

Trolley: 1Pcs

Heating: Electriclty

Drain outlet: 42mm

Intel water pressure: 0.2~0.5MPa

Net Weight (KG): 135

Gross Weight (KG): 185

Standard Features

The universal steamer integrates baking, grilling, steaming and heating and can cook a variety of dishes. It not only saves many ovens, ovens, steamers and other equipment, but also saves kitchen space and operators , Greatly reducing operating costs

The oven is heated by a vortex fan, which is evenly heated and uses a probe that can detect the center temperature of the food. The center temperature of the food can be grasped at any time to ensure that the cooked food is full of color, fragrance and taste. It is equipped with a temperature controller and a timer. The temperature and the required time can be adjusted according to different foods; the control panel is detachable, which is easier to maintain.


High degree of automation,efficient and convenient, save labor

Rich menu, multiple choices

Precise control of temperature(plus or minus 1 degrees)

Multipoint heating, ensure uniform temperature, monitor at any time

The airflow is fast and full of the whole oven

Optional Features

Filter soft water system

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