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iCombi Classic 20 Tray Electric Combi Oven Rational ICC201


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Model: Rational ICC201

Material: Stainless Steel

Power Supply: Electric

Voltage: 3AC 415V

Power: 40.4kW

Fuse: 63A

Capacity: 20*1/1 GN

Number of Meals Per Day: 150-300

Dimension(L*W*H mm): 877*1872*913

Packing Size(L*W*H mm): 1008*2043*1013

Net Weight(kg): 231

Gross Weight(kg): 268


The 20 Tray Electric Combi Oven is a versatile kitchen appliance designed for professional cooking environments. With its twenty-tray capacity, it offers ample cooking space to prepare a variety of dishes simultaneously. This combi oven combines convection and steam cooking methods, providing precise temperature control and ensuring even heat distribution for consistent results. It features user-friendly controls and programmable settings, allowing chefs to easily adjust cooking parameters for different recipes. The oven's electric operation ensures quick heating and energy efficiency. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient appliance for commercial kitchens seeking to optimize productivity and deliver high-quality culinary creations.

Standard Features

A wheel with a press function, a color display screen, and easily understandable symbols on the operating interface - allowing you to work intuitively and accurately.

It can personalize up to 100 programs, with a maximum of 12 steps for each multi-stage cooking process. It can infinitely repeat cooking results.

Effective steam generator for optimal steam performance even at low temperatures below 100℃.

Seamless hygienic cooking chamber with rounded corners and optimised air flow.

The highest dehumidification performance, along with humidity settings in 10% intervals, creates an accurate cooking chamber environment. Ensuring quick cooking results.

There are up to 3 fan impellers, combined with an advantageous cooking chamber geometry, to ensure optimal heat distribution, allowing more heat to be transferred to the food. Achieving even cooking results and improving production efficiency.

Automatic cleaning, which can also be done at night, with cleaning tablets that are phosphate-free and require less detergent - achieving the cleanest effect. The maintenance system prevents the formation of limescale.

Under bright lights and neutral color, the surface cooking level of the food can be quickly identified.


Control Panel: The control panel is the interface used to set and adjust various cooking parameters. It typically includes a digital display, control knobs or buttons, and programming options to select cooking modes, time, temperature, humidity, and other settings.

Cooking Chamber: This is the interior space where the cooking takes place. It is usually made of stainless steel and designed to accommodate various sizes of cooking pans, trays, or grids. The cooking chamber is where heat, steam, and airflow work together to cook the food.

Heating Elements: Electric combi ovens use heating elements to generate heat. The heating elements are strategically placed within the oven and can be located at the top, bottom, or both. They provide radiant heat to cook the food and are controlled by the temperature settings on the control panel.

Steam Generator: A steam generator is responsible for producing and delivering steam into the cooking chamber. It ensures the oven can provide both dry heat and moist heat cooking methods. The steam generator is connected to a water source and includes mechanisms for steam regulation and release.

Fans: Fans are installed within the oven to circulate hot air and steam throughout the cooking chamber. They help to distribute heat evenly and ensure consistent cooking results. The fans also assist in controlling humidity levels by circulating the steam generated by the steam generator.

Temperature Sensors: These sensors are placed within the cooking chamber to monitor and regulate the oven's temperature. They provide feedback to the control panel, allowing it to adjust and maintain the desired cooking temperature.

Door and Door Seal: The oven door provides access to the cooking chamber and is equipped with a handle for opening and closing. The door seal ensures a tight seal when closed, preventing heat and steam from escaping and maintaining an optimal cooking environment.

Water Inlet and Drain: Combi ovens require a water supply for steam generation. They have a water inlet connection for filling the steam generator with water, and a drain or condensate collection system to remove excess water or condensation from the oven.

Exhaust System: An exhaust system is integrated into the oven to remove excess moisture, steam, and odors from the cooking chamber. It helps maintain a comfortable cooking environment and prevents the accumulation of condensation.

Optional Features

This Combi Oven is optional with gas, and the model of the gas combi oven is Rational ICC201G. The Combi Oven can be customized 1/1 GN, 2/3 GN, 2/8 GN, 1/2 GN and 1/3 GN.

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