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Roller Horizontal Ice Maker(Snow ice) YIM-JJ069

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Model: YIM-JJ069

Material:SS304 stainless steel +PE


Power (KW):1.3

Cooling Type: Air cooling




Packing Size (mm):430*645*780

Standard Features

All 304 stainless steel shell, food grade PE ice storage bucket;

2KG ice storage space;

All stainless steel evaporation barrel design, clean, hygienic and easy to clean

Horizontal roller ice making, with an evaporation temperature of -35℃, forming snow and ice particles that are small and difficult to melt;

Horizontal drum stainless steel evaporation bucket, water flows from the surface of the evaporation bucket to form snow and ice, which can produce ice within one minute of turning on the machine, saving electricity and water;

Pocket appearance design, beautiful appearance, suitable for the needs of small places

Cyclopentane foaming material is used to thicken the foaming layer and the thermal insulation performance is better;

R1/2 thread connection water inlet is reserved and a 1.5-meter water inlet pipe is provided;

AD25 drain port is reserved and a 1.75m drain pipe is also provided;

The device comes with a 1.75-meter power cord, which can be directly connected to the electricity, pay attention to reserve a socket at the installation position;


Built-in evaporator, fully enclosed refrigeration system, long service life;

Adopt high-efficiency refrigeration system to increase the production capacity of the whole machine by over 10%

Adopt special noise reduction technology to reduce working noise by 13%

Adopting the principle of rotating squeeze ice making, quickly produce ice; save water and electricity, the cost of ice making is equivalent to 65% of cube ice

Using R404A refrigerant, more environmentally friendly;

The equipment has a one-key cleaning function;

The equipment has full water protection function;

The equipment has a water shortage protection function;

The equipment has an intelligent diagnosis function, providing 24H intelligent monitoring and diagnosis feedback to ensure that the machine is not interrupted;

The equipment has compressor high pressure protection function;

The equipment needs to be used in an environment of 1-43℃, the water pressure needs to be controlled between 0.5-8bar, the ambient temperature is 20℃, the water temperature is 15℃ and the daily ice production can reach 200KG, the ambient temperature is 32℃ and the water temperature is 20℃,and the daily ice production can reach 160KG;

Optional Features

3cm、6cm、10cm、15cm High foot

water softener

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