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Automatic Ice Machine (Small cylindrical) YIM-JJ059

Automatic Ice Machine (Small cylindrical) YIM-JJ059

task_altModel: YIM-JJ059

task_altMaterial:SS304 stainless steel +PE


task_altPower Supply:Gas ( Natural Gas or LPG )

task_altPower (KW) :0.4

task_altCooling Type:Air cooling




task_altPacking Size (mm):540*730*930

Standard Features

task_altAll 304 stainless steel shell, food grade PE ice storage bucket;

task_alt10KG ice storage space;

task_altThe ice outlet adopts infrared induction design to avoid contact between the cup mouth and the baffle;

task_altDetachable water receiving box, easy to clean up later;

task_altIt adopts the method of automatic ice-falling, one-key ice-out, easy and convenient;

task_altCyclopentane foaming material is used to thicken the foaming layer, and the thermal insulation performance is better;

task_altThe whole machine is small in size and meets the needs of compact places;

task_altR1/2 thread connection water inlet is reserved, and a 1.5-meter water inlet pipe is provided;

task_altAD25 drain port is reserved, and a 1.75m drain pipe is also provided;

task_altThe device comes with a 1.75-meter power cord, which can be directly connected to the electricity, pay attention to reserve a socket at the installation position;


task_altBuilt-in evaporator, fully enclosed refrigeration system, long service life;

task_altAdopt high-efficiency refrigeration system to increase the production capacity of the whole machine by over 10%

task_altAdopt special noise reduction technology to reduce working noise by 13%

task_altThree-in-one functional design; it can meet customers' needs for ice, cold water, and ice-water mixing at the same time;

task_altUsing R404A refrigerant, more environmentally friendly;

task_altThe equipment has a one-key cleaning function;

task_altThe equipment has full water protection function;

task_altThe equipment has a water shortage protection function;

task_altThe equipment has compressor high pressure protection function;

task_altThe equipment needs to be used in an environment of 1-43℃, the water pressure needs to be controlled between 0.5-8bar, the ambient temperature is 20℃, and the water temperature is 15℃,the daily ice output can reach 29KG, the ambient temperature is 32℃, and the water temperature is 20℃. the daily ice output can reach 22KG;

Optional Features

task_alt3cm、6cm、10cm、15cm High foot

task_altwater softener

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