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60 Commercial Conveyor Dryer YDW-JJ024

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Model: YDW-JJ024

Material:Stainless Steel

Power Requirements:N~380V AC/50Hz/3PH

Power Supply:Electricity

Power (KW):9.55


Ma*imum height of drying(mm):450

Drying heater(Kw):9

Fan power(Kw):0.55

Volume of hot air circulation(m³/h):2400

Total amps required(A):14

Drying temperature(℃):60-65

Net Weight(Kg):55

Packaged Weight(Kg):75

Packaged size(mm):950*910*1930

Standard Features

Tableware completely surrounded by forced circulation of high -speed hot air, promote rapid drying.

With 8KW eficient heater and 0.55KW fans

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