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Large Flight Type Dishwasher YDW-JJ023

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Model: YDW-JJ023

Material:Stainless Steel

Power Requirements:N~380V AC/50Hz/3PH

Power Supply:Electricity

Power (KW):60.15

Incoming water temperature(℃) :10-60

Wash temperature (℃):60~65

Rinse temperature (℃):82~90

Tank heater(Kw):18.6

Total amps required (A):95

Rated current of air circuit breaker(A):100

NO.Of seats corresponded(Table):1500

Water consumption (liter/hour): 240

Water pump&driver power:5.55

External Dimension(mm): 4800*742*1560

The length of the ladder(mm) :1200 (into the dish) + 2100 (washing)+1500 (received)

Useful Size(WxH/mm):512*460

Racks (dish/hour):6200

Wash cycle(S):Continuous

Package Size(mm):Initial packaging

Standard Features

Hedge type sprays washing design, ensure the uniformity of the water distributing and realize the best washing effect;

Mechanical design press-buttons, presets second washing speed, easy and convenient operation ;

Photoelectric induction detection conveyer belt, once the tableware enter the dishwasher, the dishwasher would be automatically started, energy saving is also one of its features;

Out shell is made of Stainless steel 304, water pump, which is import from Italy, features durable and high-power characteristics;

Stacked structure doors with humanization design, which could less the labor intensity to the biggest extent;

Safety protection device, besides the emergency stop switch device, in case no people collect the bowls on the other side or the conveyer belt is blocked, the dishwasher would automatically stop working.

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