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150 Under Counter Glass Dishwasher YDW-JJ001

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Model: YDW-JJ001

Material:Stainless Steel

Power Requirements:220V AC/50Hz/1PH

Power Supply:Electric

Power (KW):2.65

Incoming water temperature(℃):10-60

Tank heater(Kw):2.2

Booster heater(Kw):2.4

Total amps required (A):14

Rated current of air circuit breaker(A):16

Rinse aid injector(A):1

Drain pump(A):1

Record the number of washing: 9999

NO.Of seats corresponded(Table):150

External Dimension(mm): 460*560*745

Useful Size(WxH/mm):410*310

Racks (basket/hour):40

Water consumption(Liter / basket):2.54

Wash temperature (℃):55~65

Rinse temperature (℃):82~90

Wash cycle(S):90/120/180

water inlet(in):3/4" to 1/2”

Drain outlet(mm):27

Intel water pressure(Kg/cm²) :2~5

Intel water hardness(g/L):0.034~0.103


Gross Weight(Kg):61.65

Package Size(mm):635*520*920

Standard Features

The body made of stainless steel improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the machine and prolongs the service life of the machine

The operation is simple and convenient, one key to complete the screen display, clear at a glance;

The internal space is large and the washing basket is matched to improve the washing efficiency and it is convenient to replace, 40 baskets per hour;

There are rotating spray arms up and down in the washing area inside the machine to wash cleanly;

Thickened stainless steel material, double-layer design, safe noise reduction;

The user-friendly drain can drain the sewage in the water tank with just one touch, which is convenient and quick;

The inlet of the water filter pipe adopts a stainless steel filter screen made of stainless steel to isolate impurities in the water, safe and assured.


Efficient cleaning system, economical and energy-saving, achieving a reduction of more than 20~30% compared with the traditional one;

It is simple to use, has the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation and effectively reduces noise and is durable;

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. All are equipped with a drain pump and it is recommended to install a water purifier when cleaning glassware;

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