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Hood Type Dishwasher YDW-JJ006

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Model: YDW-JJ006

Material:Stainless Steel


Incoming water temperature ℃ :10-60

Tank heater(kw):3

Booster heater(Kw):12

Total Power (KW) :15.71KW

Total amps required(A):31

Rated current of air circuit breaker(A):40

NO.of seats corresponded(Table):300

Heating: Electricity

Net Weight(Kg):104

Packaged Weight(Kg):121

Machine size(mm):710*790*1430

Package Size(mm):730*850*1610

Standard Features

Suitable for 150-300 small and medium-sized places

ABT counter-rotating curtain hedge jet (patent)

High-speed opening up to 400MM, to meet the different size dishes washing

German rail-style lifting door design, solid and stable, energy-saving insulation, noise insulation

Anti-clogging nozzle to enhance the ejection area of 65%

2 kinds of open methods, 3 kinds of work patterns

Italy original pump and motor

Any environment can guarantee high temperature above 82 ℃ spray

The whole machine is made of SS304 stainless steel

Through the European CE, ROHS certification, Hong Kong Food ring office verification


1.International Popular Style.

2.Elegant Appearance

3.Made of Stainless Steel ,durable

4.Efficient,Energy-saving, Practical

5.Electric Components in good quality, Safe and energy-saving

6.Stainless steel heating element of high efficiency

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