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Monoblock Industrial Serie Outdoor KPM +10ºC/-5ºC


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Model: Kide-04

The basic range for working in temperatures of around 0ºC.

Defrosting by air - fin pitch = 4,7mm.

Capacities up to 80.500 W with one single unit. A wide variety of models and powers for all kinds of applications at around 0ºC.


This refrigeration equipment is specifically designed for cold rooms that store products at positive temperatures. It is specially built to be placed outdoors, ensuring efficient cooling and preservation of products.

Standard Features

High-performance compressor for effective cooling

Electronic temperature control for precise temperature management

Insulated panels for proper insulation and temperature maintenance

Anti-corrosive and weather-resistant exterior for outdoor placement.

Efficient air circulation system for uniform cooling within the cold room.

Adjustable shelving or racks for organized storage of products.

Drainage system to prevent water buildup and ensure cleanliness.

Energy-efficient design for cost-effective operation.

Draintipe heating element in low temperatures (2m).


Safety features such as door locks and alarms for secure storage.

Easy-to-use control panel for convenient operation and monitoring.

Optional Features

Winter Kit.

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