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Split commercial refrigeration equipment for cold room


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Model: Kide-02

High performance for efficient cooling and temperature maintenance.Hermetic compressor (cool. mod.1 and 1½ HP).

Thermostatic expansion valve ensures precise control of refrigerant flow.

Versatile assembling options cater to different installation needs.

Low noise unit.Reduced refrigerant charge for cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.


Split Commercial Serie for Cold Storage is a compact and versatile cooling solution, the split-type semi-industrial refrigeration equipment is ideal for cold storage applications. The MaxiSplit is a split semi-industrial refrigeration equipment designed for medium-sized cold storage rooms operating at medium and low temperatures. It features hermetic compressors and utilizes R404A refrigerant.

Standard Features

Pre-charged with Nitrogen for easy installation.

Hermetic compressor (H) for Series 600-700 and 800 cool; Semi-hermetic compressor (s) for Series 800 freez.

Liquid receiver with safety valve.

Ceramic filter dryer for maintaining the purity of the refrigerant.

Solenoid valve in the evaporator.

Sight glass in the condensing unit for easy visual inspection.

High and low-pressure control for system protection.

Automatic defrosting using a heating element.

Draintipe heating element in low temperatures (2m).

Remote multifunctional electronic control for convenient operation.

Magnetothermic protection for overload protection.


Cubic evaporator for efficient cooling.Condensation control by pressure switch.

Voltage protector for electrical safety.

Surge protector type 3 for enhanced protection from power fluctuations.The MaxiSplit offers efficiency, reliability, and convenience with its advanced features and comprehensive control system, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized cold storage rooms.

Optional Features

Semi Hermetic compressor (S).

Rotative/ failure system for two units.Winter Kit.

Syncronized system for two units.

Remote control XWEB. (S).

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