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Cold Room Pannel Storage Facility Refrigerator Freezer System

Cold Room Cold Room Pannel Storage Facility Refrigerator Freezer System Cold Room Cold Room Pannel Storage Facility Refrigerator Freezer System

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Model: cr10

Insulation Material:Polyurethane,polystyrene,rock wool

Thickness: 50mm to 200mm

Cold Storage Dimensions: Varying in length and width to suit installation needs.

Surface Material: Some panels may possess fire-retardant or fire-resistant properties

Others: Thermal conductivity, load-bearing capacity, etc.

Applicable Industries: Hotels,Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops,Manufacturing Plant,Food & Beverage Factory,Farms,Restaurant,Retail,Food Shop,Construction works,Food & Beverage Shops,Beverage Factory,Supermarkets,Construction works,Coffee Industry,Commercial Kitchen


Cold room panel refers to a type of insulated panel used in the construction of temperature-controlled environments such as cold storage facilities and walk-in refrigerators. These panels are designed to provide thermal insulation and maintain the desired cold temperature within the enclosed space.

Standard Features

Temperature control: Cold rooms are designed to provide precise temperature control to maintain a specific temperature range suitable for the stored products.

Insulation: Cold rooms are equipped with high-quality insulation materials that prevent external temperatures from affecting the internal environment.

Refrigeration system: A refrigeration system is installed in cold rooms to remove heat from the space and maintain the desired low temperature.

Air circulation: Cold rooms have proper ventilation and air circulation mechanisms to ensure even distribution of cold air and prevent temperature variations within the room.

Humidity control: Some cold rooms also offer humidity control features to maintain optimal moisture levels, especially for certain perishable items.


Security measures: Cold rooms are equipped with safety features such as alarms, access control, and monitoring systems to ensure the security of stored products.

Storage space organization: Cold rooms provide adjustable shelving and storage options to efficiently utilize the available space and facilitate easy access to stored items.

Energy efficiency: Cold rooms are designed to be energy efficient, using technologies such as LED lighting, advanced insulation, and energy-saving refrigeration systems.

Easy maintenance: Cold rooms are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with smooth surfaces, durable materials, and accessible components.

Optional Features

Lighting: Cold rooms can be equipped with suitable lighting systems, such as LED lights, to provide adequate illumination and facilitate visibility and operations in the low-temperature environment.

Remote control system: Cold rooms can be customized with remote control systems, allowing users to adjust temperature, humidity, and monitor operations remotely for increased convenience.

Data logging system: Cold rooms can be equipped with a data logging system to record temperature, humidity, and other key parameters for analysis, report generation, and quality control purposes.

Fire protection measures: Cold rooms can be configured with fire protection systems, such as fire extinguishers and alarm systems, to enhance safety and security in the cold room environment.

Pallets and shelves: Cold rooms can be customized with pallets and shelves to maximize storage space and organize goods efficiently according to specific requirements.

Alarm systems: Cold rooms can be equipped with temperature, access, and other alarm systems to notify operators promptly in case of any abnormal conditions.

Remote monitoring: Cold rooms can be equipped with remote monitoring systems, allowing operators to monitor the internal environment and operations in real-time for timely actions.

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