2/1x40mm GN Pan YSW-YH114

2/1x40mm GN Pan YSW-YH114

Material: S/S 201

Thickness: 0.8mm

Packing: 6pcs/ctn

Packing size: 66x54.5x11cm

Dimension(mm): 650*530*40

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Product Feature

This is a GN Pan/gastronorm container are used as durable food holders for food service purpose. They are perfect for holding food, condiments, or any other eatery items. They are widely used in every hotel, restaurant, catering, canteen and even home kitchen. You can also see this GN Pan in food bars, food cart, take-away stores, buffets, freezer and the like.

What's more? They can also be used as a simple roast pan in the oven, a food pan of the chafing dish, food warmer, bain marie, salad bar any many other food service equipments and so on.

Good electrolysis surface and anti-rusty.

Smooth surface and non-sharp touch on the edge.

Easy to clean, carry and store.

Good quality stainless steel material with competitive price.

Professional QC team control the quality well.

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