Single Octagon Juice Dispernser (Overlapping) YSW-YH057

Single Octagon Juice Dispernser (Overlapping) YSW-YH057

Material:Stainless steel

Master Box Qty: 1

N.W.: 2.9KG

G.W.: 3.4kg

Packing size: 37*30.5*25cm

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Product Feature

This stainless steel juice dispenser is designed to have more dispensers stacked atop it, giving your guests the option of varied beverages to choose from simultaneously. Each dispenser holds any cold water, fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea, or soft drink. These beverage dispensers are small enough to make ample space in a buffet or banquet setting, but can have up to three dispensers stacked on it, making for an easy-to-use beverage tower. No matter the setting, party, banquet or event, your guests will never have a shortage of ice-cold beverages to drink.

Drip Free Spout:Complete with a contrasting black finish, the pouring spout is stylish, durable, and won't drip after use.

Ice Tube:Can add ice to keep the juice cool.

Modern Design:The special octagonal shape, full of design sense, gives the eye a bright.

Transparent Body:The transparent body makes it possible to see the drink clearly and stimulates the appetite.

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