6L 2/3 size induction chafer YSW-YH004

6L 2/3 size induction chafer YSW-YH004

Material:Stainless steel

Capacity: 6L

Dimension: 415*410*195mm

Water pan:304, 0.8mm thickness

Food pan:304, 0.8mm thickness

Cover:D1, 0.9mm thickness

Master Box Qty: 1

Master Box Dimension(M): 0.43*0.42*0.24

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Product Feature

It is safe and reliable with stainless steel.

It is convenient to open and close the lid with the handle at the frontage.

The knock-down lid makes it easy to be cleaned and kept in stock, the hydraulic hinge between the lid and the body makes the opening and the closing smoothly and peacefully. When the lid at 90deg, it is convenient to take the food, and when the lid at 70deg, it would be closed automatically, and when the lid between 70-90deg, it would be kept opening.

There is steam back-flow system at the edge of the lid, so the water-drop from the warm food could come back to the basin under the dish along the steam back-flow system keeping the food at its primary taste.

The concave at both sides could make the dishes being changed quickly.

The composite bottom could ensure its longer service life.

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