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Small Warmer Box YSW-P1580

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Model: YSW-P1580

Outer size: 630*440*210mm

Inter size: 335*533*495mm

Material: PE

Color: Grey

Depth of food pan ( GN 1/1 ): 6pcs of 65mm, 4pcs of 100mm, 3pcs of 150mm, 2pcs of 200mm

Certificate: NSF

Packing: 1pcs/carton

Ultra carts: JW-FOC

Product Feature

The insulated box can accommodate many GN1/1, 1/2 parts of the whole, dodge seam polyethylene sticky cross-option thick foam insulation material, firm towards the buckle and fluorine seal removable gasket can make the cold cooked food preserved in safe temperature under the swallow any external cooked source for a few hours.

The transparent fluorine blue can balance the waist force and make the insulation box blue more easily.

Anti-slip handle is easy to carry and carry interesting operation.

Temperature durable nylon buckle lie not to shed raw embroidery, easy to stack difficult to manage wear and storage.

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