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44.5L Warmer Barrel YSW-P1573

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Model: YSW-P1573

Size: 530*415*630mm

Material: PE

Color: Brown

Capacity: 44.5L

Certificate: NSF

Packing: 1pcs/carton

Product Description

Keep berverage hot or cold and fresh for hours.

Suitable for the restaurant's foreground and background.

Seamless double-wall PP construction and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation ensures years of reliable service and prevents liquids from seeping walls.

Molded-in mounting plates prevent latches from pulling out.

Drip-proof recessed spigot allows for easy accessing and can be easily adjusted without tools.

Wide service opening accommodates larger cup or coffee pots when units are stacked on a riser.

Each unit includes a set of beverage label.

Interlocking construction allows for stable stacking and space saving.

Product Feature

Vent caps: Balanced pressure makes the container easily open.

Recessed faucet: Accommodation for larger cups,Two positions, one for continuous pouring. And the other for individual dispensing.

1 inch ultra latch:With durable plastic ultra latch. It won't rust. Suitable for YSW-P1570(7L), YSW-P1571(9.4L),YSW-P1572(18L).

9.5 inch ultra latch:Wide nylon latches are rust free and easy to open and close by one hand Suitable for YSW-P1573(44.5L).

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