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Electric Tilting Flat Frying Pan Multi Funtion ts02

Tilt Skillet Electric Tilting Flat Frying Pan Multi Funtion ts02 Tilt Skillet Electric Tilting Flat Frying Pan Multi Funtion ts02


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Model: ts02

Material: Stainless Steel

Power Supply: Gas

Design Style: Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Eclectic, Vintage, CLASSIC, Modern

Dimension(L*W*H mm): 800*900*920

Net Weight(kg): 250


A tilt skillet is a versatile piece of commercial cooking equipment that allows the user to prepare a variety of foods in large batches. Also known as a braising pan, the tilt skillet can be used to fry, simmer, steam, saute, or grill. The most unique feature of a tilt skillet is the ability to tilt the braising pan forward to transfer foods into storage containers or serving dishes.

Standard Features

Tilt skillets offer an efficient means of cooking large batches of food, which makes them especially useful for commercial kitchens in schools, hotels, and hospitals. Not only limited to high-volume cooking, tilt skillets are also available in countertop models with smaller capacities. You can reap multiple benefits by adding a tilting skillet to your kitchen.


◉FryingThe braising pan can be treated like a large frying pan and coated with oil for shallow frying foods.

◉SteamingBy adding water to the bottom of the basin and closing the lid, you can steam a wide variety of foods like vegetables and rice.

◉GrillingThe tilt skillet can grill anything you would normally put on a flat top, including eggs, bacon, pancakes, vegetables, and much more.

◉Simmering and BoilingLiquids can be simmered or boiled in a tilt skillet, allowing you to cook pasta, soups, and stews.

◉Sauteing and BraisingBest known for its braising abilities, the tilting skillet can braise large quantities of meats.

◉Holding and ProofingThe braising pan can even be used for holding, thanks to its great temperature retention.

Optional Features

Tilt skillets heat up very quickly and cook foods without much heat loss, which saves you money on utilities. They also offer an all-in-one solution because they do the work of multiple types of equipment.Tilt skillets allow you to cook foods and transfer them quickly without any messes or spills. Compared to a flat top grill, a tilt skillet is self-contained and much more efficient.

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