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Three Head Semi-Auto Cappuccino Machine YCF-DZ008

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Model: YCF-DZ008



Boiler Capacity:15L

Boiler Material:304 stainless steel

Heat water output:50L/hr


Surface material:304 stainless steel+Paint material




Product Feature

Innovative appearance design, leading the fashion.

Appearance is combined with paint and stainless steel.

Use pure purple steel pot to speed up the heat exchange efficiency of the sub boiler.

Professional microcomputer controlled automatic detection system with electronic anti-dry burning function.

Manual automatic double water supply and heating function.

Pre-soaking function guarantees the rich and mellow aroma of each coffee and extracts the favorite coffee.

Built-in water pump and can adjust the pump pressure.

High precision pressure gauge with dual gauges, which simultaneously displays water pressure and air pressure. External hot water port for high temperature hot water.

Double steam tube configuration, multi-directional multi-directional steam nozzle, can make perfect milk foam.

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