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Singel Head Semi-Auto Cappuccino Machine YCF-DZ001

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Model: YCF-DZ001



Boiler Capacity:12L

Boiler Material:Lead-free copper

Heat water output:14L/hr


Surface material:304 stainless steel+ABS

Product Feature

Cup warming system: the top of the machine has a cup warming zone, which preheats the coffee machine to make the coffee more aromatic.

External professional hot water port: can output hot water, easy to make Americano and meet the small amount of hot water supply.

Brewing handle: two-way outlet for making two cups of coffee in one session.

Pressure gauge: Can display both boiler pressure and pump pressure simultaneously.

Drainage system: Automatic drainage of wastewater, saving time and effort.

Fine filter: 0.25mm fine filter to ensure the delicate taste of coffee.

Stainless steel body: durable, healthy and safe, with an extraordinary texture.

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