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Combi Oven YSE-CB-JJ Series

Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

Error Code Cause Of Issue Troubleshooting Methods
"T10" "t20" "K1" "K2" type probe open circuit Check probe
"T1c" "t2c" "K1" "K2" type probe short circuit Check probe
"FOH" 1. The fan motor is overheated 1. Shut down and cool for 3~10 minutes
2. Check whether the inverter has a code
2. The inverter is faulty
"OHH" Oven overheated 1. Turn off and cool for 3~10 minutes
2. Check the thermostat reset
"OPEN" Machine door open 1. The door is not closed properly
2. The door is drooping
3. Whether the door switch is shifted
4. Check the door switch wire
5. The magnet is not magnetized
"T3" Outlet probe error Check if the probe wire is dropped
"E--" Needle error Check whether the meat needles in the oven are broken
"E1-3" Needle error Check whether the meat needle thread is dropped
"END" End of program
"ADD" Cleaning program


How To Replace The Heater Of Combi Oven

How To Replace The Motherboard of Combi oven

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Model: YSE-CB-JJ Series

Originally published 10 Aug 2022, updated 10 Aug 2022.

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