How To Replace The Heater Of Combi Oven

Do you know that how to repair a commercial combi oven that cannot heat up again? Today, we're going to show that How To Replace The Heater Of Combi Oven.

Combi oven YSE-CB-JJ series

Material in need: Heater, mica sheet, high temperature silicone rubber

Tools in need: Wrench, Phillips screwdriver, hollow steel pipe (inner diameter about 15MM)

Special Notice: Before maintenance, make sure that the machine is powered off and operated under safe conditions

Step 1: First, we are going to do on this oven is remove the oven door itself. This will gain easy.We can use a screwdriver to remove the upper and lower screws on the left cover plate, hold the lower edge of the cover plate with your left hand, hold the spray gun seat with your right hand, and pull the bottom edge of the cover plate outwards and then down to remove the cover plate.The rear sealing plate is removed in the same way as the side sealing plate, and the wiring position of the heating pipe can be seen.

Step 2: Second,use both hands to remove all the cables of the heater.

Step 3: Then,remove the oven shelves on both sides.

Step 4: Open the upper and lower fixed clip plates on the left side of the back baffle of the oven cavity, and lift the right side up to take out the baffle.

Step 5: Use an open-end wrench to remove the aqueduct, and then use an open-end wrench or socket to remove the upper and lower screws of the heater. Hold the heater and shake it left and right and pull it outward to remove the heater.

Step 6: The distance between the terminals of the new heating pipe should be corrected. Take a hollow steel pipe and adjust it to the terminals of the heating pipe according to the hole position of the mica sheet, and apply high temperature silicone rubber on the position marked by the red box.

Step 7: Install the heating pipe, tighten the upper and lower screws, connect the water conduit, connect the power source at the back, and test the machine with power on. After it is normal; then install the rear sealing plate and side sealing plate of the machine in sequence; reinstall the shelf in the inner cavity of the oven.

Step 8: Finally,repair and measure the machine to see if there is any previous failure phenomenon, the wind wheel has no abnormal sound of scraping the aqueduct, the heating is normal, and it is normal.

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Originally published 30 Aug 2022, updated 30 Aug 2022.

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