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Water Filter for Ice Machines Everpure Water Purifier 115100-35 I2000²


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Model: Everpure 115100-35 I2000²

Capacity: 18000 Gallons (68130 L)

Flow rate: 12.6 L/min

Original Brand: Everpure

After-sales Service Provided: Online technical support, Onsite Installation

Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control

Application: Specifically designed for commercial kitchen for ice machines


A dependable water filter system that efficiently removes impurities, ensuring clean and safe water for diverse applications. It is user-friendly, offering easy installation and maintenance for lasting performance.This is a dedicated water filter specifically designed to be used with ice machines, aiming to minimize water-related issues such as scale buildup and impurities.

Standard Features

Ideal for ice machines, reduces issues related to water, such as scale and impurities.

Effectively removes off-tastes and odors, includes antibacterial media to inhibit bacteria growth.

Innovative multi-fold filter technology with a filtration accuracy of 0.5 microns, effectively removes impurities and spores.

Comes with a lime scale inhibitor, effectively inhibits scale formation.


Antimicrobial properties function, hardness adjustment, and pH balancing.

Clean and safe water quality & Removal of odors and impurities

Optional Features

Convenient installation and maintenance

Energy efficiency and durability

Automatic operation & Environmental friendliness

Convenient installation and maintenance

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