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Heated Holding/Proofing Cabinets with Clear Door YBK-S131



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Model: YBK-S131

Name: Proofer,Proofing Cabinets,Dough Proofing Box,Proofing room

Material: Stainless Steel

Power Supply: Electric

Voltage & Power: 220V/2.8kW

Tray Size(mm): 400*600

Optimal Temperature: 36~38℃

Optimal Humidity: 80~85%

Dimension(L*W*H mm): 595*980*1990

Net Weight(kg): 153

Gross Weight(kg): 203


The Proofer is a remarkable product designed to revolutionize the baking process. It serves as a vital tool for professional bakers and enthusiasts alike, providing optimal conditions for dough fermentation and proofing. This innovative proofer creates a controlled environment with adjustable temperature and humidity settings, ensuring consistent and ideal conditions for yeast activation and dough rising. With multiple shelves and ample space, it accommodates a substantial quantity of dough, allowing for efficient and simultaneous proofing. The Proofer streamlines the baking process, enhancing the quality and consistency of baked goods by providing an optimal environment for dough development. Experience the pinnacle of baking precision with the Proofer.

Standard Features

With heat-resistant and moisture-proof circulating fan which can create a perfect fermenting space with optimal humidity (80~85%) and temperature (36~38℃).

Advanced automatic water inlet, moisture-proof light.

Microcomputer control system, the temperature and humidity can be controlled respectively.

High quality rubber seal meets the hygienic requirements, features good sealing effect and low energy consumption which ensures the best fermenting effect.

Unique handle, durable and heavy-duty.

Anodic oxidation treated aluminum alloy handle ensures long service life.

Operating System: Digital Temperature and humidity display, easy to operate.


Cabinet Structure: The cabinet structure provides the overall framework and enclosure for the proofer. It is usually made of stainless steel or other durable materials and is designed to maintain temperature and humidity levels.

Heating System: The heating system is responsible for generating the necessary warmth inside the proofer. It often comprises heating elements or coils that produce gentle heat to promote yeast activity and fermentation.

Humidity Control: A proofer typically incorporates a humidity control system to maintain the desired moisture levels. This can involve a water reservoir or humidifier that adds moisture to the cabinet, ensuring the dough doesn't dry out during proofing.

Thermostat and Controls: The thermostat and controls enable precise temperature regulation within the proofer. These components allow users to set and monitor the desired temperature, ensuring consistent and optimal proofing conditions.

Water Pan: The water pan, also known as a humidity pan, is placed inside the proofer to generate moisture. By adding water to the pan, it helps maintain a high humidity level, which is essential for preventing the dough's surface from drying out during proofing.

Shelving/Racks: Proofer typically feature multiple shelves or racks where trays or pans of dough can be placed. These shelves are adjustable, allowing for different sizes and quantities of dough to be accommodated.

Glass Door: Many proofer have a glass door or window that allows users to observe the proofing process without opening the cabinet. This helps maintain stable temperature and humidity levels while minimizing disruptions.

Optional Features

The Deck Oven is optional with 11 decks, 12 decks, 14 decks, 15 decks and 16 decks.

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