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8OZ Popcorn Machine YSF-H052

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Model: YSF-H052




Imported Temperature controller

Product Feature:

.Heat-resistant tempered glass, three-sided tempered glass, high transparency, not easy to break. You can see the whole process of popcorn processing.

Three-button switch. The three switches of rotation, heating and thermal insulation lighting are simple and clear and easy to operate.

The outer pot is food-grade stainless steel and the inner pot is non-stick coating. Bakelite anti-scalding handle. Durable, safe and efficient.

The back of the popcorn machine uses a laser sheet metal panel, high-tech to create a radian that does not cut hands and is carefully designed to facilitate cleaning and removal, expanding the space for popcorn removal.

Brushed stainless steel slag tank. Easy to collect slag. There is a thermal insulation system at the bottom to keep the popcorn at a good temperature.

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