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Exhaust hood for commercial industrial use


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Model: eh01

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute):This specifies the airflow capacity of the exhaust hood and is crucial for proper ventilation.

Material:Specify the material used for the hood, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, based on durability and cleaning requirements.

Type:Wall-mounted,island,canopy hood.

Filters:Baffle,mesh,cartridge for grease removal.

Lighting:Specify if the hood includes integrated lighting for illumination

Ducting:Specify the duct size and configuration needed for proper ventilation and installation.


Kitchen hood, exhaust hood, hood fan, extractor hood, or range hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. It removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration.

Standard Features

When specifying an exhaust hood for commercial or industrial use, you typically need to consider several important parameters to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the application.


Fire Suppression System Compatibility:If required, mention compatibility with fire suppression systems for safety compliance.

Optional Features

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