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800mmElectric Lifting Salamander YBK-JK015

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Model: YBK-JK015

Material:Stainless Steel


Power Supply:Electric

Power (KW):5.6


Net Weight (KG):60

Gross Weight (KG):82

Standard Features

1.Thermal control (The temperature controller 0-300°C is used to meet the needs of different ingredients for barbecue temperature, the temperature difference is low, the temperature control range is light and the firepower can flexibly respond to food needs.)

2.Cooling hole design Energy saving and heat dissipation (The whole machine has multiple heat dissipation control design devices to make the machine run stably, provide a good heat dissipation environment and have a longer service life)

3.Upper heating technology Less oily smoke and heat up faster (The upper heating technology can reduce the fume emission of food during the barbecue process Put, rapid heating and even heating)

4.Large grill area, push-pull operation (Stainless steel net frame, bottom oil pan, push-pull front and rear, anti-soup and easy cleaning)

5.Fryer load-bearing upgrade (Food-grade stainless steel drying oven, on the basis of traditional fried buns, the overall reinforcement and precision processing, high temperature resistance strength can meet the long-term barbecue test, strong load-bearing capacity and long service life)

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