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2000mm Supermarket Double Island Freezer YSD-AS-232

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Model: YSD-AS-232


Standard Features

imported brand-name units, integrated refrigeration mode, truly low noise, high energy efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, safety, stability.

Streamlined metal frame inlay, hollow tempered glass design, efficient anti-fog, to further enhance the display effect of the items in the cabinet.

Built-in energy-saving lamps on the top of the front side, which can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the items on display to present the best display effect.

Integral polyurethane foam technology, environmentally friendly foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving and power saving.

microcomputer automatic temperature control technology, fully automated frost system, smaller error, easier to operate, more accurate temperature control.

micro-hole circulation duct, to ensure that the items are evenly cooled and will not air dry food, moisturizing effect.

imported external balance thermal expansion valve, improve the evaporator utilization rate.

Super large area of pure copper tube evaporator, more uniform refrigeration, faster.

fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, environmental damage coefficient of zero, the real realization of green environmental protection.

With rollers and adjusting feet design, move, use two convenient.

wide climate zone and wide voltage band double wide design, not affected by the region, temperature and voltage, year-round operation freely, use more at ease.

fast cooling speed, uniform distribution of cold air, automatic frost function.

Customers can customize plus glass cover or open type.

The product can be used to freeze all kinds of meat, meat products, dumplings, dumplings, fish balls, steamed buns, etc..

Suitable for large integrated markets such as commercial centers, upscale communities, supermarkets, shopping malls, KTVs, restaurants, etc. with high customer flow

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