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Electric cotton candy machine YSF-YD033

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Model: YSF-YD033

Size: 520*520*480mm

Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50HZ

Power: 1080W

Output: 30s/pcs

Product Feature

Stainless steel pan and scoop, easy for clearn.

Large size drawer for storage.

Built in electric leakage protection switch.

Built in fuse,volt controller and display meter for safety use.

Extremely glossy surface, no sugar conglutination

High efficiency:yields one cotton candy cone per 30 seconds

Simple to use: turn on the motor and warm up for 2 minutes.

Quick start: 1080W of class leading power for the shortest heat up time

Direct drive: maintanence free design with no drive belts to replace.

Power stabilization: save electricity when making cotton candy.

Stainless steel scoop: makes it convenient for refilling sugar into whirl-about.

Detachable Pan: can be easily assembled in seconds.

Four holes at the bottom of the cotton machine: can be connected into the foot pad or cart. (cart is not included)

Suitable for: cafes, cake room, coffee shop, bakery, food store, beverage shop, food restaurants, snack food factory.

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