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Chinese Wok Two Chamber 20" Gas Wok Range YCK-JB236

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Model: YCK-JB236

Name:Wok,Cantonese Chamber, Wok Range,Stir-fry Wok

Material:Stainless Steel

Power Supply:Gas ( Natural Gas or LPG )

Thermal Load (KW):42kW

Liquid Gas:2800 Pa

Natural Gas:2000 Pa


Volumn: (m3) 1.5

Net Weight (KG):307

Standard Features

Stainless steel front and sides, Stainless steel board,Featuring a 13" Mandarin and 20" Cantonese wok chamber with cast iron rings, the range's fiber ceramic insulated chamber design combines with a 16 tip 75,000 BTU volcano burner and a 32 tip 116,000 BTU jet burner to provide you with an intense, precise heat. This power and precision are just what you need to quickly make delicious dishes at Asian restaurants and a variety of other establishments!

Top #201 1.0mm thickness S.S, Other #201 0.8mm thickness S.S

High-deep integral cast iron hearth

Insulation cotton heat preservation external mixing fierce stove head

Handle made of special materials

Stove ring made of national standard iron

The content of Co in the flue gas <100ppm

Noise 75-80 DB

A 48 main gas pipeline with a good power switch

Under 15kPa pressure, the leakage of 1 minute of stable pressure is less than or equal to 0.14L/h


Heat efficiency 36%

Rated thermal load: 38kw

180w Fan, High temperature resistance 110℃

Single air inlet

Optional Features

Can be equipped with electronic ignition, air-air linkage, flameout protection, infrared ray, flameout device

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