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Commercial Steamer Steaming Cabinet Rice Cooker YCK-Y005

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Model: YCK-Y005

Material:Stainless Steel


Power Supply:Electric

Power (KW):24

Steaming time:32 min


Net Weight (KG):129

Standard Features

1. Integral foaming, thermal insulating,energy saving and environment-friendly

2. Cut the gas automatically without water

3. Automatically electronic impulses ignition and easy to operation

4. Cut off the gas the flameout automatically protection and reliability

5. Patented design of high-efficiency progressive door lock anchor-convenient and practical

6. New-type multiple air sac embedded silicone gel door seal-providing reliable sealing

7. Made by high quality stainless steel with luxury artistic and clean

8. Highly hot efficiency in burning system which designed by patent and raise up the temperature quickly

9. Automatic water inlet, boiler alarm, safety steam valve-safe and reliable

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