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Center Island YFF-HLM016

Center Island YFF-HLM016

task_altModel: YFF-HLM016

task_altMaterial: Stainless steel


task_altN.W.: 95kg


task_altThe center island is a multi-functional operation table, the overall structure is safe and reasonable, the operation is convenient, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the refrigerator is stored on the right. Center Island is just a simple work cabinet, the front door of a fast-food kitchen, which was the earliest contact with customers. If your kitchen is spacious enough, and you are a person who loves the kitchen and does not want to be separated from your family when cooking, then setting up a "center island" in your kitchen is a perfect idea. If you want the kitchen to have more complete functions, and you are happy to make your kitchen a social center for the family, then setting a central island in the center of the kitchen will be a very successful design.

Standard Feature

task_altHigh quality stainless steel material

task_altRounded Rounded corner design

task_altWith splashback,preventing water from splashing onto the wall

task_altStainless steel adjustable gravity foot

task_altDoor double layer

task_altEasy to replace the door

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