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100kg Full Automatic Washer Extractor(Electric Heating) YLD-L007-E

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Model: YLD-L007-E

Material: SS304 stainless steel

Voltage/Hertz: 380V/50HZ

Motor Power: 7.5KW

Converter Power: 11KW

Compressed Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa

Steam Pressure: 0.3-0.5 Mpa

Capacity: 80-100KG

Water consumption: 1800KG

Dimension(mm): 1850*1950*2250

Packing Size (mm): 2220x1970x2240

Standard Features

The body is made of all stainless steel, resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion; Excellent structural design, sturdy and reliable equipment

Φ1200x850 mm stainless steel drum with a volume of 961L, the whole drum is smooth and bright, with little wear on the textile;

Adopting a wide door design is the solution, making loading and unloading easier With a perspective window design, the operating conditions in the drum can be observed

Adopt integrated safety door lock system, safe and reliable

The mechanical suspension damping structure, the combination of large-diameter springs and hydraulic dampers make the equipment noise lower;

Adopting two-level V-belt deceleration transmission design, low noise, low vibration, long working life, convenient maintenance

Japanese NSK bearing, precise and durable.

The equipment adopts 380V+N-3PH/50HZ or 220V+N-3PH/50HZ power supply

The equipment is reserved with a φ140 drain valve

The equipment is reserved with 11/2" hot and cold water inlet valves

The equipment reserves 1" steam pipe interface


Two-in-one design of washing and dehydration functions;

The washing capacity can reach 80-100KG at a time;

Single washing, dehydration time 35-55MIN

The washing speed can reach 32 r/min by using famous motor and the dehydration adopts a two-level efficiency design, the medium speed dehydration speed can reach 300 r/min and the high speed dehydration speed can reach 670 r/min

Using 9KW high-power electric heating hot water washing system, the washing water temperature is controlled at 50-70℃;

Using a large-screen computer version of the controller, the control system is powerful, flexible and professional, with 5 preset programs and 25 programmable.

The washing cycle, time and frequency can be set arbitrarily. Optional manual operation control.

With manual operating system, when the computer controller fails to work, it can be operated manually to complete the washing work;

laundry machine imported CTTO viton seal. Multiple sealing system, oil sealing, water sealing, stainless steel sealing. No leakage;

Industrial laundry machine imported Siemens chip inverter system, realizing washing and extracting stepless adjusting;

Washable five-chamber soap liquid injection system, dual drainage option configuration, saving energy, protecting the environment, adding washing materials is simple and convenient;

Optional Features

Tilling funclion

Double drainages

Double water inlets

Automatic lquid detergents feeding

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